GigiGigi Galen Grobstein, President and CEO of Star Healthcare Network has been in the Cost Containment Industry for over four decades and has been in the cutting edge of the Cost Containment Industry since working for one of the first Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) in the United States. Gigi founded Star Healthcare Network after working for many years for Local, National and SpecialtyProvider Networks. After gaining valuable insight of the PPO industry, Gigi founded Star Healthcare Network in September 2002. Gigi’s vision for Star Healthcare has always been and continues to provide hands on customer service for clients while still offering the top discounted arrangements in the United States, Latin, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Using her 30 years of PPO experience enables Gigi to consistently receive top discounts from providers Worldwide for her clients. This in turn helps Star Healthcare navigate the complexities of the ever changing landscape of the PPO Industry and consolidation of Healthcare delivery.

Gigi’s industry knowledge and long standing contacts, has helped Star develop into one of the leading Specialty PPOs for International and Domestic clients.

About Star

Star Healthcare works with several PPOs around the United States and one International PPO for worldwide coverage along with direct provider relationships. These PPOs range from national to local entities and have been chosen for their vast amount of providers and discounted arrangements. Individual Provider relationships are chosen due to geographic need, quality of institution and utilization needs.

If you are interested in accessing Star Healthcare Network or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (914) 358-9121 or fax us at (914) 358-9206. You can also email claims to us directly (claims@starhealthcarenet.com).

We look forward to hearing from you.